Valrhona Caramelia 36% Milk Chocolate Coins

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3 kg
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Packed 6.61 pounds. Unlike caramel-flavored milk chocolates made with caramelized sugar, Valrhona Caramelia Chocolate uses genuine dairy-based caramel (from real skim milk and butter) as a main ingredient. You'll enjoy melting milk chocolate and will find that the result is particularly silky smooth while maintaining a clear cocoa note woven together with vibrant hints of caramel. Melting milk chocolate is easy with the small, bean-shaped chocolate feeves! They are perfect for measuring, melting, and ideal for baking. A sophisticated, premium chocolate brand designed for baking, Valrhona is one of France's most renowned chocolatiers. Home cooks, bakers, and chocolate aficionados are invited to savor Valrhona Caramelia Chocolate!
Ingredients: 36% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter. Sugar, cocoa butter, caramel (skimmed milk, whey, sugar, butter, flavoring), whole milk powder, cocoa beans, emulsifier (soya lecithin).

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