Small Cube Verrine 1.69 oz. 2.19" Height X 1.31" X 1.31" Opening

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Dry Ice suggested



Packed 100 count. 

Disposable square mini dessert cup 1.7 ounce
1-1/2 inch at the top, 1-1/4 inch at the base

Try these geometric disposable mini dessert cups for your next party for a modern presentation. These Dessert Cups come equipped with a cubic reservoir to showcase all the beautiful layers of pudding, cake, ganache, and cream that you can fit. Individual sizes mean convenience for your guests, and less time for you spent serving. Made from clear food-grade hard plastic, these Disposable Dessert Cups will serve up all of your individual parfait and dessert serving needs.

  • Disposable Clear Plastic Square Dessert Cups measure 2-1/8 inches tall with a 1.5 inch square reservoir. Each cup has a 1.7 Ounce/ 50 ml capacity - Sold in packs of 100
  • Made from clear food-grade hard plastic, with an modern cubic reservoir perfect of showing off your layered treats.

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