Large Cube Verrine 5.07 oz. 3.19" Height X 2.19" X 2.19" Opening

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Dry Ice suggested



Packed 100 count. 

Your guests will adore the special attention you put into a dessert tray made using our range of plastic disposable dessert cups. Made from clear food-grade hard plastic, these Disposable Dessert Cups showcase the delicacy inside in a way that is convenient and stylish. With the individual servings, your guests can simply grab their cup, and you won’t have to fuss with a messy dessert service. The cubic shape of this dessert cup reservoir allows for easy filling and layering so you know your desserts will look their best!

  • Disposable Clear Plastic Square Dessert Cups measure 3-1/8 inches tall with a 2-1/8 inch square reservoir. Each cup has a 5 Ounce/ 150 ml capacity
  • Made from clear food-grade hard plastic, with an modern cubic reservoir perfect of showing off your layered treats
  • Lids sold separately

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