About Us

The Foodiewarehouse Team

The team here at foodiewarehouse.com is made up of a bunch of dedicated gourmet food professionals that have been bringing the chef’s of Michigan’s best restaurants their gourmet foods and ingredients from all over the world since 1999. Our dedication and passion for incredible foods has driven us to become the number one specialty food distributor in Michigan. It’s with the same passion and dedication that we turn our attention to all the home chef’s out there that want to start making incredible dishes in their own home, or to enhance to great dishes they’re already making. Our love and passion for what we do means we only offer you the highest quality specialty foods available. Our success in the food service industry means you won’t have to pay top dollar for them. Our drive and determination mean we will always be looking for the best products to bring you in the future.

Our product list is carefully selected and will be continually growing so please check back often!

Contact Us

Toll free:  (844) 263-2298  9am - 5pm (Eastern Time) Monday thru Friday.